Understanding professional historical research

If you’re a history blogger or Youtuber, you’ll know that locating professional historical research is a difficult and time consuming task. Finding reliable, up to date scholarly sources on a given historical topic is a serious challenge. I’ve collected a list of freely available primary and secondary sources for this.

It’s no wonder that many history Youtube videos are only 10-15 minutes long, present superficial pop-history treatments of their subject, and don’t list their sources. This is how you end up being roasted by commenters on your own videos, or featured on r/badhistory as an object of ridicule.

this is not professional historical research
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you'll find serious professional historical research here
<strong>where bad history Youtube channels are cremated<strong>

If you want to do proper research using reliable academic sources, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by consulting the bibliographies of scholarly literature I have curated here.

If you need help with research for your videos or blog posts, contact me directly. I’ve previously worked as a university research assistant, and I have an excellent reputation at r/badhistory, as shown by this image.

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